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Ohio Business Advisors, an International Resource Group, Inc. company, has a history dating back to its founding in Ohio in 1997. Our advisors are highly experienced, verified former business owners with esteemed references available. Working with advisors who have their own real business ownership experience is invaluable when taking your business to market.

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We are a professional services company operating out of real “brick and mortar” offices. You can rest assured that we are under “lock and key” with alarm and security systems in place to safeguard your highly sensitive business and financial information. We don’t work out of shared offices or coffee shops – we will meet in our offices to maintain the confidentiality of our discussions, allowing you to focus and discuss the intricacies of your business sale.
We utilize encrypted and secure portals for the facilitation and exchange of information, which is highly critical in the business sale process.

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Our work is confidential and we make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of your business sale.

Confidential No-Obligation Consultation.

We offer a discreet and obligation-free consultation to understand your needs and tailor our approach accordingly.

Creative Negotiation Skills.

We don't just settle; we negotiate creatively to ensure favorable terms and a smooth closing process for all parties involved.

Ironclad Confidentiality.

Rest assured, confidentiality is paramount. Your employees, vendors, customers, and competitors will never be aware of the sale until it's finalized, safeguarding your business interests.

Expertise in Packaging and Marketing Businesses for Sale.

With our extensive experience, we excel in presenting your business in the best possible light to attract potential buyers.

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